Friday 24th March 2023,
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Adidas Honors Black History Month with NCAA Partner Uniforms Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance

Adidas Honors Black History Month with NCAA Partner Uniforms Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance

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In celebration of Black History Month, adidas unveiled a collection of NCAA uniforms inspired by the creativity, passion and expression of the early 20th century’s Harlem Renaissance. Throughout the month of February, all adidas Power 5 conference NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams will wear a head-to-toe uniform inspired by the ballrooms of that era.

Considered one of the most influential movements in African American history, the Harlem Renaissance was a creative movement that kindled a new cultural identity. In this era, the Renaissance ballroom became a place that epitomized basketball culture as local teams perfected their game on the same wooden floors that were also used for ballroom dance events and jazz shows. Together, the Harlem community infused their spirit of dance & sport within their day to day lives, and created an indisputable marriage between music, culture, and the game.

Inspired by the wooden floors of the ballrooms where basketball became culture, each adidas team jersey also includes patterns which mimic the fabrics and prints of the 1920s. Each uniform features a unique bean stitch texture around the team name, the word “BALLROOM” on the inner waistband of each short, and a “Celebrating Black Culture” patch. The collection also includes a series corresponding footwear silhouettes which echo the colors of the jazz ballrooms so important to the era. Each detail is meant to be an homage to the art, poetry, sounds and sport of the Renaissance, and to those driving their passion forward.

The collection will make its on-court debut when the University of Miami, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Texas A&M take on their various opponents this Saturday, February 2nd. Full uniforms from a select group of universities will be on sale on beginning February 5th.


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