Monday 22nd October 2018,
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New Under Armour Brand Campaign Launches #WEWILL

New Under Armour Brand Campaign Launches #WEWILL

Under Armour has a new campaign – #WEWILL. #WEWILL is an evolution of the brand’s signature I WILL and highlights how sports has the power to unite and inspire.

Under Armour likes to dream big which is exactly what they did a few months ago when they sparked an idea…sports will change the world. This campaign utilizes the MyFitnessPal blog to host not only the new film featuring a who’s who of Under Armour athletes from around the world who all believe in the boundless power of sport, but also the brand narrative about the power of sports to inspire and act as a catalyst for change. The MyFitnessPal blog is a showcase for personal stories of transformation and success for people of all walks of life. Viewers will see familiar faces — Muhammad Ali, Misty Copeland, Michael Phelps, Stephen Curry, Jordan Spieth and Lindsey Vonn, to name a few.

While this campaign has been in the works for several months, in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, UA wanted to use the power of sport to unite, inspire and rally around a common cause. Their message is that sports will change the world… Under Armour believes they have the ability to participate in that change in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey through a partnership with Team Rubicon, a first responder organization who deploys former service members to emergency situations. These are their goals:

· Securing the safety of all those affected
· Stabilizing the community and getting residents back home
· Returning kids to school and sports

In tandem with the launch of #WEWILL, Under Armour is also launching @UANews (


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