Wednesday 22nd May 2019,
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Reebok Launches 90s Inspired Campaign, The Aztrek: 90’s Re-Run

Reebok Launches 90s Inspired Campaign, The Aztrek: 90’s Re-Run


Today Reebok is launching a brand new, 90s inspired campaign around the re-launch of the Aztrek.

Entitled, “Aztrek: 90’s Re-Run” the campaign partners with six 90s raised tastemakers on a series of stills and videos that highlight their individual style and independent nature, as well as on five, rare vintage clothing capsule collections that will be available via a giveaway on

The partners include:

Jay Versace: Young humorist and social media phenom who built his name on his hilarious original characters, and recently has received major attention for his on‐point ‘90s style.

Sara Gourlay of Frankie Collective: Creative Director of Frankie Collective, a women’s streetwear label that cuts apart vintage ‘90s gear and sews it back together in new, trend‐relevant forms to create custom, one‐of‐one designs.

Kirk Tilton of For All To Envy: An L.A.‐based, vintage fashion institution that began as a shop specializing in hard‐to‐find ‘90s athletic apparel before moving on to creating its own original clothing.

Jordan Page: Best known as @VeryAdvanced, Jordan is a retro style expert and streetwear archivist whose memory and knowledge of ‘90s style moments is arguably the best on the internet.

Josh Matthews and Angie Chavez: Two next‐level vintage collectors and curators who are low‐key responsible for the explosion of ‘90s looks you’re seeing everywhere.

The “Aztrek: 90’s Re-Run” is launching today with the collections of Jay Versace, Sara Gourley – which includes one-of-a-kind reworked Reebok Classic pieces – and Kirk Tilton, Jordan, Josh and Angie’s collections will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Shop the new Aztrek Fall/Winter styles, available from $90, at


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